Rain Man


Try to identify useful websites on the book, the film and autism. I found this interesting website of an autist who’s a linguistic genius. Check this out!

same way: même façon, même manière

Chapter One

Charlie is a luxury car salesman who has financial troubles…he takes his girlfriend on a week-end break to Palm Springs but on the way there, he gets the news of his father’s death. Susanna is very surprised with his reaction and he explains her that he hated his father. He still attends the Funeral.


Everywhere (partout); Shouting (to shout, crier), Borrowed (To borrow emprunter), to worry (se faire du souci); through (à travers), has died (to die mourir); to hate (détester), Susanna bit her lip (se mordit la lèvre), sad (triste).


a. casino;b- you mutter, c- toothpaste, d- will, e- funeral


a- To Charlie’s brother; b- because he’s autistic; c- no, he didn’t; d- he know an innumerable quantity of things (facts, dates….); e- we think it’s going to be both.

3- a T, b F, c T, d F, eT, fF, gF, hT

4- He has a the company of his dreams selling luxury cars, a beautiful girlfriend, but he’s got no family and his company is about to be bankrupt (is on the verge of bankruptcy) .


Charlie and Susanna returned to Charlie’s father’s home and he remembered when he lived there when he was sixteen. He has a vague memory of a song about a Rain Man. They visited the house and Susanna realized that the roses were dying. Then Charlie showed her the car. When Charlie went to visit the lawyer to hear his father’s last will, he realized that all the money would be for someone else whose identity won’t be disclosed (dont l’identité ne sera pas dévoilée). He was furious because he just inherited the car and a rose bush instead of a fortune and a beautiful estate in the best neighbourhood!


upset (furieux, bouleversé), frightened (effrayé), seemed (to seem: sembler, paraître), picking up (to pick up: ramasser), to leave (quitter, laisser dans le sens lèguer)

5- a no, b yes, c yes, d yes.

6- a- Walnut Hills, b- 16, c- a Buick, d- a rose, e- an old coat, f- rain man, g 70, h- a car and some roses, i- $3 million

Chapter Three

Charlie managed to charm the lady at the bank to obtain the address of his father’s fortune’s heir (héritier). It was Dr. Bruner’s mental clinic in Ohio. Susanna felt uncomfortable and went outside while Charlie was trying in vain to obtain the name of the person who inherited from his father. When he went out, he met Raymond, an autist who knew everything about him, his car and his father…Dr. Brunner had to admit that it was Charlie’s brother.


to look after (s’occuper de); lied (to lie: mentir), needed (to need: avoir besoin), drove (to drive, conduire), roof (toit) left (gauche), narrow (étroit), both (les deux, quand il n’y a que deux éléments), will (testament), nurse (infirmière), waiting-room (salle d’attente), to move (se déplacer) front door (porte d’entrée), coat (manteau), grey (gris), carrying (to carry, porter, transporter), side to side (d’un coté à l’autre), angry (en colère), notebook (cahier), began (to begin, commencer), I’ll fight (je me battrai), hotter (comparatif de hot, chaud), weather (temps qu’il fait, climat), it cost an arm and a leg (cela a coûté une fortune), frightened (effrayé), upsetting (to upset, bouleverser), enough (assez), muttering (to mutter, marmonner), astonished (sidéré, extrêmement surpris), never (jamais).

8- a – Before I read, I really didn’t know how he could find this out but I thought that maybe he would follow Dr Brunner; b- he could have had another wife and children…


a-because; b- Dr Brunner, c- looking after the money; d- he will fight; e- the old car; f- Raymond; g- Charlie.


Raymond writes about the car in his notebook;

Raymond has no expression on his face;

Raymond’s face looked neither happy nor sad;

While he writes in his notebook, Raymond seems to mutter something about Charlie Babbit:

Chapter Four

In this chapter, Dr Brunner explains Charlie that he has a brother who is an autist. Charlie is shocked that someone who won’t know that he’s rich got all his money. Later on, Charlie takes Raymond into his car and despite Susanna’s opposition, he takes him on “holidays”. Susannan tries to calm Raymond’s anxiety.


Vocabulary (vocabulaire):notebook (cahier), to frighten (effrayer), relationship (relation), to bite one’s lips (se mordre les lèvres), shook (to shake, secouer, hocher de la tête), to wait(attendre), towards (vers), shoulder (épaule), anxious (angoissé).

Chapter Five

Charlie and Susanna go to Cincinnati and book a room at the hotel. Ray is disorientated and need his usual surrounding at Wallbrook, the way he eats his pizza, the way he watches the same programs. We can see that he doesn’t make the difference between reality and fiction in the episode p. 19 lines 24-25. Charlie got mad at Ray for having come to eat his pizza and watch TV in Charlie and Susanna’s bed while they were making love. Then Charlie revealed his plan of kidnapping his brother for money to Susanna and she immediately said she was leaving him as she couldn’t love such a man!


Vocabulary (vocabulaire): to drive (conduire), to watch (regarder), to mutter (marmoner), mistake (erreur), upset (enervé, agacé), to shake (secouer), to move (bouger, changer d’endroit), he still doesn’t look happy (il n’a toujours pas l’air heureux), quiet (tranquille, silencieux, calme), angry (en colère), frightened (effrayé), to go back (retourner), to keep (garder), to widen (écarquiller, ouvrir grand (the eyes, les yeux)), to begin (commencer), to jump (sauterer), suitcase (valise), floor(sol), threw (to throw, jeter), coldly (d’un ton froid, froidement), astonished (stupéfait), to pull (tirer), wrong (faux, erroné), sadly (tristement), thought (to think, penser)

Ex. 12- a- Susanna to Raymond, b- Charlie to Dr Brunner, c- Susanna to Charlie, d- Raymond to Charlie; e- Susanna to Charlie; f- Charlie to Susanna; Susanna to Charlie; Raymond to Charlie.

13- g, f, b, c, e, a, d.

Chapter Six


The first part is a very realistic depiction of the features of an autistic person. In the second part, we attend the rather nasty discussion between Charlie and Dr. Brunner. It is clear then that the only reason for taking Raymond is money. This passage gives another illustration of Raymond’s amazing calculating (counting if you want Philippe!!!) capacities. In the last section, they have to give up flying back to LA because Raymond has a fear of flying (he’s afraid of crashes…and burns). When Charlie realized how afraid his brother was, he for the first time showed some true affection and apologized to his brother.

14- b-

15-a- 460 192, b- Tuesday, c- Dr Brunner, d- $1, 5 million e- 246; f- four; g- LA, h- 1987, i- three.

16- a- because he is used to eating his food with toothpicks at Wallbrook. b- Yes; c- No; d- memorize and calculate extremely fast; e- because he’s afraid it will crash;


Vocabulary (vocabulaire): astonished (stupéfait, extrêmement surpris), to laugh (rire….lol=laughing out loud) , to mutter (murmurer) , shook (to shake, remuer, secouer), worried (to worry, se faire du souci), to breath (respirer), to wave (faire un geste du bras, agiter le bras), shouted (to shout, crier), to knock (cogner), to burn (brûler)


Chapter Seven

Charlie had to drive instead of flying. When they stopped in a motel, Raymond reminded Charlie that he was Rain Man…Charlie remembered how they had been separated because his father had thought Ray had tried to burn him. He remembered also how sad he was for the loss of his Rain Man. Later that night, he called Susanna and asked her whether she still loved him. She didn’t answer nor did she hang up on him.


Drove (to drive, conduire), felt (to feel, sentir), , tired (fatigué), to lose time (perdre du temps), toothpaste (dentifrice), shirt (chemise), to breathe (respirer) , to shout (hurler), to pull out (sortir, retirer), softly (doucement), to wave (faire un signe de la main), sang (to sing, chanter), burning (brûler), custody (garde), lawyer (avocat).



a- We are going to discover that Rain Man is Raymond’s nickname;
b- Raymond will be good at counting cards in Las Vegas.


a- anxious;
b- astonished, happy;
c- sad;
d- happy;
e- frightened;
f- better.

Chapter Eight

As Charlie realized the extent of his financial troubles, he also saw in Ray’s faculties the possibility to solve them: he would take him to Las Vegas and teach him to count the cards. He also warned his brother that he should never let anyone know. He promised Ray a girl if they won money at the casino. Then Susanna joined them at the Las Vegas Hotel. The Casino manager found out that they had been counting cards but while Charlie was interrogated by them, Susanna danced with Raymond in the lift. They then had to leave the hotel because of the managers’ suspicions that they had cheated.


to have little money left (il ne nous reste que peu d’argent), together (ensemble), plates (plats), to play cards (jouer aux cartes), bought (to buy, acheter), suit (complet veston), clock (montre, horloge), to carry (porter, transporter), watch (montre), taught (to teach, enseigner), lift (ascenseur), below (en-dessous).

Chapter Nine


On their way back from Las Vegas, Raymond was allowed to drive the Buick for a short time. Dr. Brunner offers 250’000 dollars in exchange for Raymond but Charlie refuses. Both brothers have to see a medical expert who in the end decides that Raymond should go back to Wallbrook and Charlie promises his brother to visit him as often as possible.



to drive through (traverser en voiture), to lose (perdre), to help (aider), custody (garde), angrily (avec colère), quiet (tranquille), pen (stylo), notebook (ordinateur portable), deeply (profondément), to upset someone (bouleverser quelqu’un), perhaps (peut-être), to look after someone (s’occuper de quelqu’un), to want the best for someone (vouloir ce qu’il y a de mieux pour quelqu’un), loser (perdant), winner (gagnant), to hand (donner de la main à la main), softly (doucement), to cry (pleurer).


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  1. Charlie shouldn’t have attended his father’s funeral to get even to what his father had done to him years ago. o.k.!!

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