Homework for AN306

Better late than never, I’m now putting your homework page in a distinct section…See you tomorrow…with your REVIEW 7!

homeworkTuesday, Nov. 3d, 2009

Review 7th

Wednesday, Nov.4th, 2009
Climate change debate (see main page for 3ANE-06)

Tuesday, Nov. 10TH, 2009
300 Words assignment: Describe your best friend or your favourite relative.

Wednesday, Nov.11th, 2009
Climate change debate (see main page for 3ANE-06)
Computer lab: finish MPO Units 1-8th

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 2009
TEST 2 on Units 7 and 8th

Wednesday, Nov.18th, 2009
Let’s start Edgar Alan

Tuesday, Dec.8th, 2009

Unit 9 exercises 1, 2 and 3 p. 88 and 3 p. 89

Wednesday, Dec.9th, 2009

Edgar Alan, John Neufeld….Who is John Neufeld (150 words summary with bibliography and potential filmography based on his books)


Tuesday, Dec.15th, 2009


Wednesday, Dec.16th, 2009
CHAP. 7-8 CR

Tuesday, Dec.22nd, 2009

Wednesday, Dec.23d, 2009 (better be there pals, because I am!!!



Tuesday, Jan.12th

No Homework, glad to have you back in one piece, rested and ready for your last round!

Wednesday, Jan.13th

Book presentations: Chapters 13 and 14 (LS) AND Chapters 15-16 (NM)

Tuesday, Jan.19th

Grammar files 19 and 20. We will finish Unit 10A and 10B

Wednesday, Jan.20th


E.A. Chapters 15-16 (NM), Chapters 17 and 18  (PR) AND 19-10 (MM). Don’t forget that you need to comment, not only summarize your passage!!!


MPO STATUS Jan.13th.

CB: Perfect….just make sure everything is understood TB+
SM, PR, LS: excellent results TB
SM : Very good, just hurry a bit for unit 9…B+
CR, Rl & MH: Units 7-8-9 are behind….hurry a bit! B
MM: Still some exercises behind B+
LM: Unit 1, Unit 2 incomplete, try to systematically finish every unit AB

CL….keep going! You should be finishing Unit 9! Vu

Tuesday, Jan.26th: classes cancelled

Wednesday, Jan.27th: classes cancelled

Tuesday, Feb.2nd

Grammar files 21 and 22. We will finish Unit 10 C and make a recap in view of the test next week.

Wednesday, Feb.3d

E.A. RL Chapters 21-22, AS Chapters 23-24 and CL chapters 25-26. You all bring your presentations on a paper, preferably printed and e-mailed, which we will collect, discuss, distribute and publish on our website, including the vocabulary

CONCLUSION AND CHARACTERS ANALYSIS (How they look, how they act, how they changed throughout the book).


We  might overlap in order to finish EA. Homework : An Advertisement Exercises and Compositions – Review Unit 10 in Class

Tuesday, Feb. 9th: TEST ON UNITS 1-10 (voc and grammar) and on Edgar Allan (you are allowed to use your copy of the book).

HW: Grammar files 23 and 24

Wednesday, Feb.10th


LAB: We will correct  Unit 10 .

Tuesday, Feb.16th

Grammar files Units 25 and 26

We will start Unit 11A

Wednesday, Feb.17th

We start 12 ANGRY MEN…With a film preview

LAB: Bring your Compositions and exercises on A Letter of Advice

careful on your winter vacations…sky, surf and have fun!

Tuesday, March 2nd

No Homework…

Unit 11B

Wednesday, March 3d

CEDOC:  General discussion on the themes and characters,  Research and discussion
12 Angry Men Presention 2

Composition Unit 8

Tuesday, March 9th

Unit 11 C. Homework: Review on Unit 11.

Wednesday, March 10th

12 Angry Men Presention 3

Tuesday, March 16th and Wednesday, March 17th: while the others are on Study trip, we’ll be having fun, no worries…we’ll go out in town and watch a movie, a play or a video….

Tuesday, March 23d

Wednesday, March 24th

CEDOC: 12 Angry Men Presention 4

LAB: Composition Unit 9

Tuesday, March 30th

Wednesday, March 31st

CEDOC: 12 Angry Men Presention 5
LAB HW: Exercises and composition on a letter of complaint ….then, we’ll go Easter Eggs hunting;-)) …says the Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunny

Tuesday, April 13th

Wednesday, April 14th

12 Angry Men Presention 6

Tuesday,  April 20th

Wednesday, April 21st

12 Angry Men Presention 7

LAB: Exercises and Composition on A Narrative

TuesdayWednesday, 27-28th: You will be defending your Personal Projects, so no English…

Tuesday, May 4th

Wednesday, May 5th

CEDOC: 12 Angry Men Presention 7

LAB: Exercises and Composition on A description of a sporting event

Tuesday, May 11th

Wednesday, May 12th


Tuesday, May 18th: Our last class…all you ever needed to know about English but were afraid to ask earlier…last chance!!! May 25th onward, your chance to show me that you deserved my confidence….I want sixes and only sixes!!!!!

One thought on “Homework for AN306

  1. Thanks RL, a good job but too many minor mistakes you could easily have corrected!

    Edgar Allan ->Chapters 21&22 : Summaries

    Chapter 21:

    S.A is confused, because she asks a lot of questions to Michael, but he can’t answer. M.N is worried about everything and goes to his room for to talk with to Michael, but he doesn’t what to say about it, so he offers to wait and see what could happen. M.N does not agree with him and wants to do something more.

    Chapter 22:

    S.A and Stephen are quiet at the dinner and she doesn’t want to say a word to anyone. After the dinner they both go to bed, but strangely one hour later they go downstairs and go out. At the same time the mother saw them, surprised she called her husband.The father goes outside and calls S.A several time, but she doesn’t answer.After a while the father comes back with them and the three go back home.

    Chapter 21: Vocabulary

    pulled: tiré, a tiré
    sinking down: s’enfonçant, se plongeant

    the rug: le tapis
    nearly: de près, presque

    Chapter 22: Vocabulary

    nor: ni slipping: glissant
    fear: la peur rushed: se pressaient, précipité
    the dishes: les plats grabbed: saisi
    straight up: immédiatement squeezed: serré
    knitting: tricotant
    skinny: maigres
    shadows: ombres
    creeping: rampant

    ° In the chapter 21, I think that M.N changed her attitude towards her own family, she’s worried and wants to do something. Before then she was a very nasty girl and didn’t want to talk to anyone. The situation is very weird..

    ° In the chapter 22, I think that S.A is disappointed towards her parents, because they didn’t tell her the truth about E.A, so she wants to attract the attention on her. The father is disable face to this situation.

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