I am 15 years old // I’m a 15 year old boy.

I listen TO all kinds of music except reggae.

I don’t play any/an instrument

I don’t practice any sport

the TV Programme/program I prefer is….

I like watching….TFI TV programmes/TV series

I love watching soccer matches on TV

Yes I do ! I often go….Every week I go to (the) cinema….

No, I don’t. I rarely go to cinema

I go once a week/ month/ once every two months to cinema

I don’t read any magazines.

I read the 20 mn magazine.

last week-end, I went….I played footbal…I went out

Last week-end, I did nothing special// I didn’t do anything special

Last week-end, I went shopping to France

I went to a family party with all my relatives last week-end. It was my brother’s birthday party. I enjoyed it very much but I got drunk.

One thought on “introductions

  1. M&8ad17;agr#2en les amanides de llegums i aquesta d’avui em va de primera, la setmana passada vaig preparar anxoves en vinagre i en oli, o sigui, que tinc una provisió important així que unes quantes aniran dirigides a aquesta recepta, que bona!!Petonets

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