27 IX 16
Reminder regarding the oct 4 test : Unit 6 (p. 68 à 78) including vocabulairy and grammaire p.138-139.

Homework: day you have to write a letter of advice. Here was the model we discussed:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your message asking me for advice regarding lending money to your young cousin.

Since I’m only a teacher and know nothing about business (and hardly anything about the internet!) so all I can tell you is that your cousin is probably a bright young lady with a high potential to achieve great projects.

However, are you sure you want to get into a business partnership with a relative ? What will you do if she fails to produce the return on investment she promises ? In all likelihood, given what you tell me about her, she’s most certainly going to be successful.

I went on the internet and checked whether her project existed already and found out a few similar applications so maybe you should investigate a little further about her project feasibility and then discuss with her your own financial situation.

I advise you to be as honest and straightforward as possible with your cousin and I’d like you to imagine that instead of your cousin a perfect stranger came to you to suggest this partnership. Would you have accepted and even considered it ?

I hope my letter hasn’t created more questions than responses to your problem but I tend to think that if you want to solve a problem, you should first ask a lot of questions !