Stephen King, Misery in 3LE

Dear Students, that’s IT….we are going to start studying Stephen King’s Misery…Today we went a bit over his life and I hope you’ve retained some of the info I tried to convey to you!

As I told you, Stephen King’s life is a bit of an American dream come true: a poor teacher who always dreamt of becoming a famous writer and who actually made it! I forgot to mention his terrible accident who left him incapacitated for two years and still has some strong impact on his present life as he needs to get away from Maine’s cold winters.

I also forgot to mention that he tried to live in England and felt miserable there so he came back home to Maine after two months.

The rest of the story was told to you on Thursday, Sept. 15th at the CEDOC where we’ll meet regularly now when we deal with literature.

Click here to access the vocabulary and past session’s summary and discussions regarding the book.

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Sources you used:

My sources to tell his story are some of the websites you quoted, newspapers and magazines:

  5. above all, I took the Stuart Tinker’s Stephen King Tour thanks to whom I learnt to appreciate even more an author I respect for his incredible work! All the above photos were taken during this tour on August 15, 2016.