Dear students, we are on the starting blocks  for this year’s preparation of the PET and FCE tests, not to mention our trip to Dublin in November, so….

Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for your wonderful willingness to participate and share these two hours a week of English certificates preparation.

test your level online

Click here for the link related to the FCE Requirements

click here for the FCE vocabulary list

click here for the PET exam format

click here for the PET Vocabulary list

Click here for the CAE (Cambride Advanced) exam format


REMEMBER HOW TO SPELL YOUR NAME AND SURNAME! Here’s a reminder about the pronunciations of the alphabet!

a eille

b bi

c si

d di

e i


g dji (as in Djihad ha, ha…)

h eilletche

i aïe

j djey (as in DJ, hi, hi…)

k keille





p pi

q kiou

r are


t ti

u you

v vi

w double you

x ex

y why

z zed, zee

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